The NYTimes paywall is really easy to get around.  Several methods to bypass it have been around since the paywall was introduced back in late April, and the NYTimes tech team doesn’t seem to be too concerned.

  1. Use your delete key.
    On day one, Mashable discovered that by removing “?gwh=numbers” from the address bar and reloading the resulting URL will get you back to the article.
  2. Use a bookmarklet.
    The paywall is just a bit of HTML that visually obfuscates the content of the article. This javascript bookmarklet hides the offending HTML from the DOM with CSS.
  3. Subscribe to paper delivery.
    Every paper subscription comes with full digital access (tablet, iPhone, and web), but how can you get a subscription for free?  Eternal vacation!  You don’t pay for paper delivery when it’s suspended for “vacation”, but your digital access is not affected.  You’ll have to set a reminder to call up the 800 number and re-suspend delivery with their automated system every few months. At worst, you’ll be reminded when a newspaper shows up on your front door.
If you don’t mind paying for your content, but don’t agree with their pricing for one reason or another, you might consider splitting a subscription with one or more friends.